Whose Voice is in Your Head?

I was working with a young person who has some self esteem issues. She was at the point of looking at going back to school. She was excited and looking forward to the future. For her, this was a big step. She decided which college she wanted to go to and her assignment was to call that school for a tour. The next time I met with her she had taken a couple steps backwards. She wasn’t sure she really wanted to go to college and it was so expensive. After a couple of minutes she finally stated, “Well my mother’s boyfriend told me that I wasn’t going to be successful so why even try?” I wanted to scream.  Who has the right to tell another person that they can’t be successful? Why would someone be so
mean as to say such a thing? Why are you even listening to this person? Then I settled down. So often we have someone else’s voice telling us what we can and can’t do. No you can’t lose weight. Why do you need that degree? What makes you think that you can get that job? We listen to others that don’t believe in us or don’t want us to move forward with our lives. Whose voice is in your head and saying “you can’t?” What are you going to tell that voice? Are you going to tell it that it’s right or are you going to scream at it and get it out of your head? This young lady decided not to listen to that voice and listened to her voice that said “YES YOU CAN!”  What is your true voice telling you?

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