As human beings we are happier when we make connections.  We too often go through our days, thinking about what needs to be done next.  What is on our to do list that we haven’t gotten done.  We are so into the process of life we forget to make those connections with the people in our life and with those that we meet.  I did an experiment today to see how many connections I could make in my everyday living.  At work, I spent a couple minutes to connect to a couple co-workers.  I stopped to buy some flowers to plant in my garden.  I looked the sales person in the eyes smiled and said thank you.  A few other people that I met through work I stopped and really talked with them.  One of the women needed to vent about issues in her life and I let her.  I was feeling pretty good and felt that I was living in the moment and making those connections.  I was feeling positive and had a smile on my face.  Then it happened.  I then went to the grocery store, where I was tested.  As I was going up to the self check out area, I saw an old classmate.  The last time I saw her was at our class reunion, where she was… let's say "rude" to me.  She didn't see me this time and I could have just turned and acted as if I didn't see her.  I thought about my commitment to connecting and called out her name.  She turned was polite and said hi and smiled. We continued to talk as we were checking out.  She said that she never did the self check out and wasn’t sure what to do.  I talked her through it and we walked out together and continued our conversation.  Wow.  If I hadn't said something to her, I would have left there remembering how she was rude and thinking that that was who she was.  Instead I made a connection and felt good about our conversation.  There really is something about living in the present and connecting to others.  I challenge each of you to take one day and make as many connections that you can and then share what you learned with me.  

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