I was out walking the other day and when my husband asked how far I walked, my response was, “I just walked a mile and a half.”  Just a mile and a half!  What is wrong with that?  Nothing.  A mile and a half a day is great!!  Adding the word ”just”, diminishes what you have done or who you are.  Another example of how I used “just” is when I use to call a friend at work and when her office mate would answer I would say, “This is just Valerie and let K.C. know I called.”  Again diminishing who I am and how important I am to this relationship.  When do you use the word “just”, or maybe there is a different word you use that makes you smaller than you really are.  Stop it!  Be all of who you are.  You are important and can accomplish great things when you become everything that you are meant to be.  You and all those around deserve you to be totally you. 

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