I have recently worked with a young man who between his junior and senior year of high school he was is an accident.  As a result he is permanently in a wheel chair.  He is amazing.  He is about to graduate from college and will be going on to law school.  It isn’t that he is going to law school that is amazing, it is his attitude.  He is a quiet young man and never skipped a beat in life.  Once he learned about the damage that was done to his body, he, along with his parents help, he figured out how to make the adjustments in his life and live life to the fullest.  He has never appeared to feel sorry for himself, and continued to reach for his goals and made them happen.  I wonder how many of us would react the same way.  In a society where playing the victim seems to be the norm, he has stepped out into the world grabbed it by the horns and took control.  Where in your life do you play the victim?  What would you like to take control of in your life?

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