A couple of weeks ago my mother had a major heart attack.  I got that dreaded phone call in the middle of the night that they were taking her to the hospital.  Once I got there, the doctor pulled me aside and said, “I think that she thinks, that she isn’t going to make it and I don’t have any evidence that she is wrong.”  Off to the heart center we went.  I made more calls to family members and I was so scared.  My other siblings dropped what they were doing to get here.  One got in the car and started a seven hour drive and one got the first flight out of DC.  The medical staff was able to go into the main right artery, opened the artery up and removed a fresh blood clot.  By the time she was awake and aware all four of her children and husband were by her bedside.  What a relief to have her alive.  A few days later she was having a hard time understanding that she had a heart attack.  I told her, “If you have any question to ask me.  That your feet were dark blue and the Dr. told me that he didn’t know if you were going to make it.”  She thought for a second and looked at me saying with a smile, “But I did!”

How often is life like this.  We have an emergency in our life and start to freak out.  We gather together those to support us and work a plan.  After going through the crisis, we take a deep breath and come through the crisis even better than we were.  The crisis has made us stronger. 

I am wondering who supports you in those times of crisis.  Who do you let in to help?

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