The other morning I woke up to a beautiful scene outside my living room window.  It was foggy and the fog left a thick coat of ice on the trees.  As the sun came out, the trees shone and sparkled like crystals. Although I have seen this sight before, it still astounds me.  I went out to do errors and ran into a friend.  The first word out of his mouth was "what do you think about all this ice?”  My reply was, “Aren’t the trees beautiful?” His answer surprised me.  “I guess you can always find something good in every situation, but sometimes you have to look pretty hard.”   

Too often in our life’s we think we need to look hard to find what is going right.  No matter what is going on in your life there is good.  If you think life is good, there are great parts of it.  And, great can become greater!  How do you start this process?  It is what I call the 30-day gratitude plan.  Each day you write down five things for which you are grateful.  It is important that you write them down so you can go back and look at what you have wrote.  Try this for 30 days.  You will be happier and feel better physically and emotional.
2/16/2010 07:01:34 am

Very good advice, Valerie!


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