June 1, 2010

As a Life Coach, I still get stuck at times.  You know those times in your life when your emotions run high and you just can’t move on.  It is like getting stuck in a snow drift.  You sit in the car and spin your tires and just don’t get anywhere.  As someone drives by you and stops, you tell them all about it and how you got stuck.  Finally, at some point you say enough is enough.  You take a deep breath and get out of the car and start to dig your way out.  It is when you get out and start doing the work that you can see the possibilities and then life gets exciting again. After digging for awhile, you get into the car and rock back and forth.  Then, that magical moment when you feel the wheels grab hold and you start moving forward, you feel the exhilaration and that moment is a celebration - you are “unstuck!”  You can move forward and see new possibilities and the road of life. What a wonderful feeling. What snow drift are you stuck in? What’s keeping you stuck?  What do you want to do about it?  Is it time to start digging your way out?

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