If you are like most people, you made New Year’s resolutions and have already broken them.  Let me give you some hints on how to make real changes in your life.  First and foremost, makes changes that you truly want to make.  Get rid of “should of, would of, could of.”  So often, our resolutions come out of self-statements such as, “I am too fat, I am not active enough, or I don’t spend enough time with my family.”  These resolutions are doomed from the beginning because they are based on guilt, not what you really want.  The first step is to brainstorm about what you want you life to look like.  What do you truly want to achieve this year?  If something was different in your life, what would it be?   Your goal may be to be more fit or to spend more quality time with your spouse.  Step two: What does that look like for you?  Running a 10K, a date night once a month? Step Three:  Put the plan down on paper and work it.  The steps are easy and success is easier if you break it down.  Don’t overwhelm yourself.  Also let others know what you intend to do.  This helps you to be accountable.   If you are still having trouble, hire a Life Coach to help you through these steps.  Get what you desire and deserve out of life.   

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