The other night my sister gave me one of the greatest compliments I could receive.  She was talking about some new TV show where they set people up to see what people would do in certain situation.  A situation maybe, having an old man in the parking lot and he can’t find his keys and when he does it is clear that he is in no shape to drive.  My sister said that she is waiting for them to catch me, because she knows that I would do the “right thing”.   What is the right thing and how often do we do it.  I want to think that most people would help this man out and do what they can to do so.  What would you do?  Would you look the other way?  Pass on the other side of the parking lot?  Now days they call helping the random act of kindness.  I just think it is the right thing to help others out that are in need.  I challenge you to purposely look for someone to help today.  It not only helps them, but it makes you feel good and brings meaning to your life. 

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