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Awhile back I took a children’s book writing course and the following is one of the stories I wrote, which is based on a true story.


5 +   2


“I am going to give each of you a five dollar bill and a 2 dollar bill,” said the minister at the end of his children’s moment. 


The children grinned as they took the envelopes. The minister gave a young boy a disapproving look when he yelled, “I’m going to buy me a new truck”.


 “What I want you to do,” the minister continued, “is to use the money for someone else that needs something, or just to do something nice for somebody.  Then report back to me in a couple weeks, and tell me what you did with the money.”



Rachel and Nicole went back to sit with their parents, clasping the envelopes in their hands.  Rachel thought, Wow seven dollars.  That would buy a lot of candy, or a new doll.


Later that day Nicole turned to Rachel, “You know Rachel, we could use the money for Mom’s birthday.  It’s coming up soon.  That might be good.”


“No,” said Rachel, “I think Mom wants us to use our own money or make something for her.  I know, I can give you my 7 dollars and you give me yours.  We need the money, don’t we?”


“I don’t think that’s the point of this giving thing, but it does sound like a good idea.  Let’s think about it for a day or so,” replied Nicole.


What to do with the money was all the two girls could think about.  They talked with their friends.  Julie suggested, “Why not give it to the poor?”


Ben suggested, “I think that they should buy treats for their friends.   I like chocolate.”


That night, Rachel came up with a great suggestion.  “This weekend is Nickel Dickel Day, the towns celebration.  If we put our money together, we can buy pop and cookies to sell at the celebration, and then we can make more money.”


“That’s a great idea!” screamed Nicole. 


They ran to tell their mom and asked for help.  They gathered a table and all the supplies and made a sign.  They got all ready and set up their booth that Saturday.  They still hadn’t decided what to do with the money they would earned, but gifts for each other were sounding pretty good.


Halfway through the day a man came up to the stand.  He was unshaven, and wore old clothes.  He asked, “Girls, can I get a cookie for 10 cents?  That’s all the money that I have.”


“Sure,” said Rachel.  “For ten cents, I think we can give you two.”


After the man was gone, Nichole asked, “Mom, why was the man wearing dirty clothes?  Doesn’t he have a washing machine?”


“Well, girls,” Mom explained, “There are people living all around us who don’t have enough money for basic things, like food, a home, or medical care.”


Rachel asked, “Where do they go to get food for supper, if they don’t have enough money?”


“There’s a place in town where people donate food and then people who need help can go there and get food for free,” said Mom.


Nichole turned to Rachel saying, “Boy I sure wouldn’t want to go with out supper tonight.  You know what?  I think that we should us this money to buy food for someone else.”


“I think that is a great idea,” Rachel agreed. 


They took their $112 dollars they made that day and went to the store.  They bought five bags of groceries and took them to the food shelf. 


That night Rachel turned to Nichole and said, “I don’t know about you, but it feels really good knowing that we helped someone else today.”


What are the gifts that you have and what are doing with them.
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