Helping You Navigate the River of Life

Life Coaching is the process of helping a client become the person they've forgotten about ~

With Life Coaching, you have a guide and companion to help you more effectively manage the next stage in your journey. By working together, you benefit from having an objective, supportive guide. Together, we can develop a roadmap and a strategy for making your life more fulfilling...and I will share ideas and tools that can help you solve life's challenges and manage relationships with less stress.

We will uncover your values, so you're making decisions about your life within those values. By doing so this creates happiness and meaning in your life. When stuck in frustrating situations, we'll consider different ways of looking at your situation so you are be able to move forward.

A key part of the process of working together is to set goals up front. This makes each session oriented to achieving your desired outcomes. It's all about you - we work together to achieve your goals.

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Valerie Wagner, CPCC
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