Client's comments

Cathy Says....
Valerie.  Life Coach.  Wow.  What a "Good thing". 
I had been in a bit of a rut in most areas of my life, and although I thought that I knew what I wanted, and even how to get there, I didn't have the courage to make the changes that I wanted to make and to move forward. Always afraid of hurting someone, but not realizing that I was the one who I was hurting the most.
For years, I have wanted to work with a life coach, and never pursued it.  Until, one day I received an email from a friend telling me about Valerie and wanted to know if I was interested in working with her.
If I recall, I responded to that email with lightening fast speed!  Kaboom!  Zoom! Zat!
Valerie and I began working together shortly afterwards.  From the beginning, I did not think that it was a coincidence that we were put together.  Valerie helped me to clarify want I wanted and needed in my life and helped me to clear the path to move forward more powerfully, confidently, and happily than ever, without guilt.
With Valerie by my side, I made huge changes in my most important relationships with my children, romantic relationships as well as career, and my physical-self which I was beginning to neglect, emotional, and spiritual.  All of it. Did I miss anything?  Oh, yeah.  We both love our dogs.
Everything remains a work in progress, but now I have the courage to do the work that I need to do instead of spinning my wheels or feeling sorry for myself.  Valerie helped me to see the magnificence in myself and in everyone else around me.  How to love others without sacrificing my own needs. 
Every week, I was so excited to talk to you about how things were going and about new ideas.
Valerie - I appreciate you, your intuitiveness, how you are not afraid to call it like you see it in your gentle and loving manner.
You are truly gifted for this adventure and you will influence many lives during your journey.  Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

Kathy says....

Valerie asked powerful questions that really helped me get to the heart of the issue and begin to take steps towards greater health. She extends herself above and beyond other coaches to be there at a personal and powerful level. She shows she cares in many dynamic and creative ways. She had me list my 100 strengths and then copied each of them onto cards and mailed them to me so I could post them and remember them!

Kelly says....

Valerie really helped me with my communication skills with my father. I didn't think there was a problem, until my relationship with my father got better and better.

Tessa says....

Thank you for the great day on Monday! You are a fabulous trainer.

Valerie Wagner, CPCC
Life is Filled With Options Coaching