Valerie Bean Wagner

I grew up in a small town in Minnesota.  I come from a family of four children, each blessed with unique gifts and talents. We were always encouraged to use our talents to the best of our ability.  

My parents were loving and supportive of their family, and community. It was from their example that I learned to care for others, to meet people where ever they were at and lend an outreached hand. Back in high school, I wanted a job where I could help people with everyday issues in their lives. I took many paths - including chef school, vocational rehabilitation work, and school-based social work.

At the age of 50+ I have discovered Life Coaching. As a client, Life Coaching has given me confidence in myself and a sense of who I am meant to be - and now as a coach I have found a path that gets me back to supporting people on the everyday issues in their lives.

Life has always been exciting and full of celebrations.  This includes not getting married until I was 40. At the age of 35, I told myself that if I was not married by the time that I was 40, I would adopt a 10 year old boy.  At 40 I met my husband Rich, and his 10 year old son, Josh. That circle was now complete.

You never know what is around the next corner, but I have learned to be open...there are true blessings waiting for you. 

Valerie Wagner, CPCC
Life is Filled With Options Coaching